Welcome to my journey of my writing adventures. It started with The Infinity Chronicles: Chased in July 2016. Currently this is still a work in progress of which I will share snippets, character interviews, information about the world and more.

Thank you for your visit and have fun exploring!

Happening right now

With NaNoWriMo now over, unfortunately I have to conclude I didn’t make the goal of an additional 50k words. But that’s okay. I’ll keep on working on it and finish my novel.

In December there are  several holiday festivities like Sinterklaas (A Dutch festivity where children usually get a lot of presents), Christmas and New Year. It will be a busy month, but I’ll keep on writing.


Currently Writing

At the moment I’m working on my first book in the series The Infinity Chronicles. This first book has the working title Chased. This book is still in it’s early first draft state.