Welcome to my journey of my writing adventures. It started with Tergaenae: The Infinity Saga, Book One Chased in July 2016. Currently this is still a work in progress of which I will share snippets, character interviews, information about the world and more.

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Happening right now

WritingWith the holidays behind us, it’s time to get back to my normal every day life. So, that means work and writing!

At the moment I’m dividing my writing time between actually writing chapters and working on my world building. There are so many things I still need to uncover for my characters.  And of course for me. Keep an eye out here, cause I will be posting more about world building these coming months. In-depth articles about creatures, cities and so much more!

Have fun!


Currently Writing

At the moment I’m working on my first book in the series The Infinity Saga. This first book has the working title Chased. This book is still in it’s early first draft state.