Dragon Rider’s Seer: Chased

Chased is the first book in the Dragon Rider’s Seer series. This is my current writing project, in other words it’s not finished yet and thus NOT published yet.

One Sentence Synopsis

In Dragon Rider’s Seer: Chased the Healing Seer Ayla and her unexpected allies are pursued by an old foe who’s become a rogue seer and race across the Realm in a desperate flight for safety.

Long Synopsis

Dragon Riders have always been the Protectors of the Realm while Seers have always been there to help the people in other ways. Things have changed lately, however, and now the Healing Seer Ayla is in desperate need of the support of her unexpected and unwilling Dragon Riders allies in her flight to safety before an old foe gets her hands on Ayla and delivers Ayla to her Master for more than her Healing powers.
Ayla and her allies will have to learn to trust one another to be able to get through the tests this journey has in store for them.