Dragon Rider’s Seer: Chased

Chased is the first book in the Dragon Rider’s Seer series. This is my current writing project, in other words it’s not finished yet and thus NOT published yet.


Dragon Rider
He has spend his life preparing to be a Dragon Rider and was lucky enough to be chosen by one of the dragons. Now he is one of the Protectors of the Realm together with his Parabataì. Together with several more dragon riders they form a tight group of Protectors. Together with other Protector groups they protect the Realm, their work bringing them to every nook and corner of the Realm, fighting evil creatures like Goblins to keep THE evil at bay.

Although this life was everything he had wished and worked hard for in his life, there was one thing missing. Or rather someone. The chance of finding her was slim. Finding your true Soulmate isn’t something you can work on. It’s a chance meeting, if you’re lucky. Although being a Dragon Rider brought him to many parts of the realm, he knew his life could be short. That’s the risk of being a Dragon Rider.
Once he knew he had a soulmate, he always kept an eye out for her in every village and city they visited. There were only a few things really important in his life: the Dragon, his Parabataì and his Soulmate. The last one being on the top of the list, especially now that he had officially reached adulthood and his duties would become increasingly time consuming.

Since she was 7 she lived with her aunts in a small village near one of the great mountains. She had always known she was a Seer. A seer with Healing Powers. Her parents had sent her to her aunts telling her that they would be far better in teaching her everything of being a healer than her own parents would be. Her own parents were, after all, very occupied with their work in Seer City. This had become worse after her sister had died during an investigation in the Seer Keep. When her brother had decided to leave on a quest to find what he wanted in life after their sister’s death, her parents had truly submerged themselves in their work, leaving her mostly on her own when she wasn’t at school. So she hadn’t mind going to her aunts, because she knew she’d have a great time with them and she could put her healing skills to good use. Now that she had reached adulthood, there was nothing more she wanted than go home to her parents and becoming an official Healing Seer. Everything else could wait, the man from her dreams could wait as well. It’s not like she’d ever met him.

They find each other at the most unlikely moment. Fate’s timing was wrong as usual. And in this case, Fate might be entirely wrong as well. They might be soulmates, but it was bound to be the end of them. After all, a romantic relationship between a Seer and a Dragon Rider is absolutely forbidden. Were they to engage on the relationship, they might risk punishment where the ultimate sentence could be death.
And as if that’s not enough, there is a prophecy that speaks about a great seer, one that could change the fate of the world, for better or for worse. And someone seems to think she is the one to fulfill the prophecy and will do just about anything to find her and get her under control.

Can they find safety and fulfill their dreams? Or will they be chased to their punishment and find death at the end of the road?