Daily Word Count August 1, 2017

Daily Word Count

Yesterday I promised you that I would keep track of my daily word count. So, without further ado, here’s my accountability for today.

I have a (relatively) normal daytime job. I start at 6AM and work until noon. But that’s not writing, if that’s what you were thinking. No, at the moment I work as an interior cleaner. Not the greatest job, but it comes with one major benefit, at least for a writer. I have plenty of time to think about my story.

Story development

I have written a phased outline which contains keywords and key phrases per scene or chapter. I’m not one to write a detailed outline. I like to give myself the freedom to deviate from the given plan, freedom to write as I go based on, let’s say, guidelines.

Like I said above, my job gives me plenty of time to think about my story. Today I have mulled over two scenes that initially seemed quite easy to write. Easy for my Daily word count, right? Wrong! As creativity dictates, nothing goes as planned. So… while the original was quite simple, the execution proved to be more difficult. The scene in my head had more body when I got home and started to write, but also a lot more to take into account for further scenes and to check in earlier scenes.

Luckily I didn’t spend my writing time on developing the scene more. That is what I do during my work. Make no mistake, it’s not that I write the actual text in my head. I just have a better idea of how I want my scene to flow, which characters need to be there and what information needs to come out.

Daily Word Count

After lunch I could finally start writing. After all the thinking I had done, I had expected it would be quite easy to actually write the scenes. It wasn’t though. I had expected to have at least one scene completed by tonight. I didn’t though. There is still a lot more to be written, I’ve only covered part of the scene. I’ll get there.

But I did sit down and wrote. Even though I didn’t make the word count I decided to have as a goal yesterday (2,000 words), I did manage to write:

So, I’m very proud of myself. It seems setting the deadline on August 31st is the thing I needed to keep writing now that Camp is over.

Your writing?

Have you been writing? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!