Tergaenae – Infinity Saga

Tergaenae – Infinity Saga is an upcoming fantasy series about Tergaenae where magic thrives, dragons live and many different races have their home.

Tergaenae – Infinity Saga

Chased is the first book in the Tergaenae – Infinity Saga. This is my current writing project, in other words it’s not finished yet and thus NOT published yet.

More books will be announced as I write them.

The story


In Tergaenae, where magic thrives and dragons fly with their human riders, the first mage queen in 400 years rises in the north. She implements new rules that will change the lives of many people.

Male mages find they’re being hunt down to face punishments like being imprisoned or even being stripped of their powers. The group that had been supporting  and actively educating them, is now hunted down as well for their different views on the world.

Will the dragon riders, the Protectors of the Realm, protect them? Or are this group and the male mages hunted from both sides?

Will the dragon rider who rose in the South several years ago without giving a hint of his origins to others, protect the male mages or will he strictly live by the rules set by the Dragon Riders King?

What will a Healer mage, who always knew she had great power, but was afraid to use it, do when she is asked to actively help enforcing the new rules?

Will a mage, who was bound at the age of ten for causing a terrible accident, be safer in this new world, or will she find herself in even more danger?

Choices will have to be made…