INSPIRATION: Healing Springs I

in which I look at inspiration from photos for an element of the world of The Infinity Saga.

Writing a book isn’t easy. Writing a fantasy book is even harder. You often have to create the entire world which is what I’ve done for The Infinity Saga. I regularly use photos of earth places as inspiration for my world. This time it’s for Healing Springs


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Healing Springs

The Healing Springs play an important role in The Infinity Saga. There are healing springs in several realms. Some of them are hidden or hard to reach, others are more easily to reach. What they have in common is that each spring requires a sacrifice of some kind. Beware those who refuse to give some kind of sacrifice before using the spring!

Healers usually know how the springs should be used and will inform their patients about this before these patients go to such a spring. But, as on our earth, not everyone listens to their healer and ignores the advice about the sacrifices. It’s never wise to ignore the advice of a Healer!

Credit photo above:
Location: unknown
Photographer: unknown

More Inspiration

I don’t focus on one photo. Instead I use more. Another good inspiration is this one.

Fairy Pools
The Fairy Pools on Skye Island in Scotland
Photographer unknown

With blue being the color of healing magic in my world, this pool has the excellent look for it. It’s something you’ll certainly find in my books!

How do you imagine the places in your world? Do you use photos or do you use a different tactic? Share your ideas in the comments!

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