NaNoWriMo 2017 Prep: Outline & Magical World Builder

Are you preparing for NaNoWriMo2017? I am. Luckily my preparations seem to go at a steady pace. Are you looking for things to prepare? Perhaps the Magical World Builder is something for you besides outlining.

Okay, so, yesterday I didn’t report any progress, but I did make progress. After some bad news I received, I just wasn’t in the mood to write about it anymore. Now I’m doing better so I thought I’d share my progression with you.


One of the things on my checklist is to finish the outline of my first draft of my first book, since I’m still writing that. Today I finished that outline! It also became quite clear that I’m not yet halfway with writing my book, but that’s okay. Once my first draft is finished, I can always edit and remove things I don’t like 😀

Later on this month I’ll make the outline for Book 2. First, I’ve got other things on my checklist to do.

NaNo goal adjusted

I had originally thought to start with book 2 on November 1st. Now I think I might not have finished the first draft of book 1 yet, so I’ll continue with that first in November. Once that’s finished I’ll continue with book 2. #Challenge

Magical World Builder

Magical World Builder
Source: Inkarnate

The above picture hardly looks like a proper world, now does it? Let’s see, there’s a castle, a LOT of ocean and apparently some mountain ranges . And the rest is empty…..

Rest assured, this is NOT the map of my world. There will be so much more on my map. And my map will be much bigger than this. There is so much to include.

And World building is so much more than only drawing a map. A map is handy to see if your characters should go north instead of south. It would, after all, be a shame if they end up way deep in the south when the city where they needed to be is way up north. Could be an interesting story line telling your reader why they ended up in the south, but all in all, a map could come in handy.

But that is not all what world building is about. It is one aspect. But there’s so much more, like the government system, the culture, what kind of clothes do your characters wear, what kind of industrialization is there (if any), etc.

To build my world properly I’m going to follow the steps in Stephanie Cottrell Bryant’s Magical World Builder. The PDF she created about this is chock full of information. And for those who want to “get their hands dirty” there’s a full 30-days exercise to build your world. And that is exactly what I’m using.

Once I’m finished with that, I’m definitely going to check it against the Game Of Thrones Wiki to see if there are other interesting things I may already have in the back of my mind, but not yet in my story bible yet. And perhaps things that haven’t been included in my world building just yet.

Story Bible

Story Bible

A story bible is something that every author, if s/he makes one, does the way it’s best for him/her. In the past I’ve kept all my notes in one box. They usually got all jumbled up together. I can tell you, that really doesn’t work!

I’d like to choose an option that’s also more environmental friendly. And thus I turn to a digital form. In Scrivener I can store a lot of information, including photos, which can be very useful. I also want an option to check things online when I’m not at home. And I’d like to share my world with you while I’m creating it and for you to read once my books have been released. That is why I have decided to have an online story bible, right here on my site. I will go through my World building exercises almost daily and I will share the information with you here. Of course I will only share information that doesn’t give away spoilers. I can’t give away the clue to the story before it’s been released, now can I? 😀

I can give you a tidbit of what I’ve been working on the last few days.

Funeral rituals

There are many different people in my world. And each group has its own funeral rituals. Some may seem very similar to our Earth rituals, while other  are different. Seers have other rituals than Dragon Riders, while Commoners have rituals that may seem more like earth rituals


My world is a pseudo-medieval setting. This means there is no industrialization, nor technical advancement as we know it. But there are different things that may hint at what we have. Take communication, for instance. Seers will usually use a special bowl with a certain ritual and herbs to establish a communication link. There are, however, also a few seers, from old families, who have inherited special communication devices through which they can communicate with other seers who have a similar device. How this works exactly and how they attained this, is something that will become more clear in the story. If you’re lucky, I might share some more information about it in the future.

History of the Dragon Riders

Each people has its own history, like we all do. One of the things I wanted to have a bit more clearer is the history of the dragon riders. Why is it that dragons allow people to ride on their backs? Why is it that dragons might defend their riders at all costs? What is their benefit in this relationship?

These were among the questions I wanted to answer, inspired by questions several of my Twitter followers asked me.

Later on I will share more details about their history. For now I’ll leave you with this tidbit:
People were hunting down dragons for their rumored treasures and because they killed their livestock now and then. And then a change came about.

These are all things that came up the last few days. Even though I wasn’t going through my Magical World Builder exercises, that’s okay. This is all important information and I’ll fit it in my story bible nonetheless. After all, this process is all about getting to know my world better, so that my story becomes a really lively story, something that comes alive before your eyes.

Are you world building? Perhaps even using the 30-day exercise of the Magical World Builder from Stephanie? Share your experiences in the comments!

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