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Who Am I: Dragon Rider | Magic Wielder | Creator of Worlds

Hi, thank you for your visit! My name is Ilse (starts with an i) and I’m the author of the upcoming adult fantasy series Infinity Saga which is set in the fictional world of Tergaenae and the creator of the upcoming indie fantasy MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Never Ending Realms. I often ride dragons, wield magic and create worlds.

At the moment writing is something I do besides my daytime job. My daytime job makes sure I can my pay my bills until I can write full time.

Why Use Patreon

On Social media you may have noticed I share inside scoop about Tergaenae and tips and inspiration on world building. I love to talk with other authors, game designers, movie developers and TV series developers about their world building and inspiration for their story and as a result my tribe of Tergaenae and world building fans is steadily growing.

I found, however, there is only so much I can share through social media. I wanted to have an effective way to both share inside information about Tergaenae, Never Ending Realms and help other authors, game designers, movie creators and tv series creators build their own fantastic world.
Patreon gives me the time and energy to:

  • give you more inside scoop about Tergaenae
  • help you build your fantastic world for your book, game or movie
  • finish my own books and games so that you can enjoy them!
Tergaenae Inside Scoop: Early News | Insight in the world of Tergaenae

Although my books haven’t been published yet, I can give you inside scoop of the world of Tergaenae. This information is shared by the Pargansae reporter. Some information is available to newsletter subscribers as well, but more inside scoop is exclusive for you as my Patron. Additionally you will regularly get the behind the scenes of the world of Tergaenae.

As a bonus you will receive receive information about Never Ending Realms that will not (yet) be available online elsewhere.

Early Access: Beta-Readers

My books are nothing without readers. Before I send my books to an agent or publisher, I’m giving you early access. Depending on the tier you choose, when my book is ready for beta-readers (which is after it has been through the critique phase with critique partners) and you are a patron at that moment, you will receive a beta-reader invite for the:

  • primary group: the earliest beta-readers who will receive the beta-version of my book after it’s been through the critique phase.
  • secondary group: the second group who will receive the second beta-version of my book after it’s been through the primary beta-round (with possible edits due to it)
  • third group: this is the last group that will receive the last beta-version of my book after it’s been through the secondary beta-round (with possible edits due to it)

To keep the beta-reading process manageable for myself, I will have separate groups of beta-reading. This means, if you are a patron for the primary group, you will ONLY get an invite for the PRIMARY beta-reading group. You will not receive invite for the second group, unless you decide to change your patronage. The same goes for the other beta-reading goups.

Your World Building Coach: Basic | Advanced | Expert | Worksheets

When I started my research and world building for Tergaenae and Never Ending Realms I noticed there was a lot of information about world building, but it was scattered all over the internet. I saw many people asking where on earth they’d have to start their world building and how to keep track of all they’ve created.
I’d like to help with that. I’ve created a course that consists of three modules:

  1. Basic
  2. Advanced
  3. Expert (with this level you will get work sheets and a basic set up for your story bible. These sheets are made for Scrivener, Microsoft Word and GoogleDocs. Of course you are free to use the worksheets and story bible or not. You are, however, NOT allowed to share these worksheets and the basic set up for the story bible without my explicit written (email) permission.)

With these modules you can create your own world while you get my support, as described in the tiers, through Discord.

How it works: You choose a tier - - > I give you exclusive content & support

If this sounds exciting to you, become a PATRON!

  1. First, read through the different levels of inside scoop and support I’m offering here.
  2. Then sign up for the TIER that provides the exclusive content & support you want most!
  3. Enjoy that tier’s exclusives every month you continue to be a Patron!
Frequently Asked Questions: Is there anything else you want to know?

Q: Do you handle the payments yourself?
No. Patreon handles all the payments for your patron tiers.

Q: What if I want to change my tier?
You can change your tier at any time!

Q: Can I share the content on social media?
Not without my explicit permission. After all, everything I share here is exclusive Patreon content, unless stated otherwise.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes?
That depends on where you live. If you live in the EU, yes, you have to pay taxes for your pledge. If you live somewhere else, please check here to see if you have pay taxes.

Q: A videogame? I’d love to help out with the creation! How can I help?
I welcome all the help for Never Ending Realms! Currently I cannot pay you anything, but if you’re looking to build experience, I’m looking for concept artists, 2D artists, 3D artists, quest and content designers and programmers. If you’re interested, please fill out your details here.

Do you have another Question? Or have an idea for an offering you don’t see here yet?
Submit your question or request HERE. I’d love to know!