Inside Scoop: An ancient ruin near Trader’s Port has been found by children

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Tergaenae news report: Queen Aeghtine and the Dragon Rider King will meet and more

Tergaenae News January 9, 2019

This news reached me earlier today:

I was cautiously happy about your positive responses after the first time I decided to share news from my world #Tergaenae with you in your world.

I spoke about it with some of our royals and the unanimous decision was to tell you more about our world. So, here’s again some Tergaenae news:

Our #pargansae Queen Aeghtine agrees to a visit with the Dragon Rider King.

Prince Finlay has been spotted near a brothel in Dragon City.

It is said the missing daughter of Dragon City’s Master Blacksmith has left because she wouldn’t become the next Master Blacksmith.

Winds have been fair and have brought lots of merchants to Trader’s Port.

I thank you for your attention.

Your #pargansaereporter