World Building Course explanation

In which I tell you more about the world building course I’ve set up.

In the basic information about my Patreon project I explained that you can choose a tier which gives you access to my world building course.

Here I explain that course a bit more into detail. The course consists of three modules:

  1. Basic
  2. Advanced
  3. Expert

No matter at what stage of your book, game or movie you are, you can jump into any of the modules. I will go into more detail about this in the first lesson of the Basic module. You will find that, depending on your needs, you might skip some of the steps in these modules, or you might go over every one of them.

The expert module will also give you access to files and / or packages for Scrivener, Google Docs and Word.

Below I will go into more detail about the three modules.

In all three modules I will give you examples of things that have inspired me, some real-world examples we might still encounter today and, where applicable, examples from other projects. I will also give some examples on how to include the world building elements in your project.

Last but not least I will give you homework for your own story in which you create your own element of the world building we have just covered and state how that might influence the mood and setting of your story and what it can mean for your characters, if it does influence these things at all.

World building is something everyone can do, even if you have no experience with it at all. The basic module explains this with an introduction of World Building, when to do this, how to work with it in combination with your book, game or movie and the amount of detail you can go into.

From there I cover what I like to call The Big Things, like the world you choose to use, planetary history and the early map. These can give you a good source for the history of your world, things your characters may encounter and the rules of nature that are at play in your world.

In the advanced module we’ll cover a more advanced map, early races that might still exists, early techniques and weapons and more like that. Here too I will give examples of various things.

This is what I like to call, the Nitty Gritty module. Here we go really into depth. We’ll take a close look at the current map, cultures, the history of the last 500 years of your planet, political relationships and much, much more.

This is also the module where you’ll get detailed worksheets and story bible templates to help you keep track of what you’ve all created.

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